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Scholarship Coin is an initiative that believes every student in the world
Deserves access to proper education.

Created to Support a Revolutionnary Scholarship System
Powered by Cryptocurrency.

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We have builds for Windows, MacOS, and Ubuntu Linux. If you prefer source code, you can find that here.

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Why Scholarship Coin?

1. Fast Transactions

Scholarship Coin is creating blocks every 2 minutes, 5x faster than Bitcoin.

2. Secure

Scholarship Coin is based on the very robust Litecoin codebase.

3. Easy To Use

We have easy to use CLI and GUI wallets for Windows, MacOS. and Linux.

4. Easy To Mine

Scholarship Coin can be generated through PoW mining. For a mining pool we recommend ours.

5. Community

The Scholarship Coin community is very welcoming to all users and developers. Please join us in our Discord Chat.

6. Support

We are growing a community of developers. You can help by testing software and submitting bug reports.

The Fine Print

Here are some quick details about the project.



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120 seconds


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Scolarship Coin :
a decentralized scholarship ecosystem for students across the world

The World Scholarship Ministry Foundation has the objective of making education accessible to everyone in this world. The foundation will succeed its goal by doing this with 3 key elements. The first one being the main Scholarship Coin which will be used as a collateral that will allow the World Scholarship Ministry Foundation System (WSMFS) to operate with a stable coin backed by the foundations treasury. This system will motivate and allow students to be incentivized with the stable coin which will be worth 1$ USD which can then be exchanged to fiat or other cryptocurrencies. The system will allow students from around the world attending recognized high Schools, colleges, Technical Institutions and Universities, obtain rewards based on their scholar performance which can then be used to pay off education fees, debt and other expenditures or even save or invest.

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  • Q1 2021

    Hello Scholarship Coin

    Scholarship Coin was born February 18th, 2021.

    In the beginning, we had CLI and GUI wallets for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. We also had an official mining pool, paper wallet generator, and blockchain explorer.

  • Febuary-April 2021


    Scholarship Coin hopes to get listed on a number of exchanges by early 2021 Get SCHO on exchanges so that it can get a value.

  • June 2021

    Shooting up in value

    Gain Security Exchange Commission (SEC) approval on a 1:1 USD stablecoin (USD backed) by the scolarship coin held in treasury by the Scolarship Foundation.

  • July 2021

    You are Secure

    Safeguard the Scholarship Foundation's Treasury with a third party institution.

  • August 2021


    Develop the stable coin and Scholarship Foundation Reward System (SFRS)

  • October 2021


    Launch the test net SFRS.

  • November 2021


    Launch SFRS live

  • 2022


    Get institutions on board.

Support the Scolarship Revolution to allow rewarded tuition across the world!

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